Hi, I’m the Booze Cruzer

The Booze CruzerWelcome to the Booze Cruzer Blog

As I was getting started as the Booze Cruzer I told my family and friends that, after retiring from career number four, I needed something to keep me busy and keep my mind sharp. My wife just wanted something to keep me out of the bars at night. We settled on this, my newest career. Being the Booze Cruzer combines some of the activities that I enjoy – learning, teaching, and distilled spirits, wine, and beer – along with we both enjoy; travel.

We both love to explore the world aboard a cruise ship and, as of Oct 2019, have logged over 260 days at sea, visiting over two dozen countries from Australia to Norway … so far. Now that I don’t have a “real” job, she hopes we’ll soon be racking up many, many more days at sea and in fascinating ports around the world.

I hope you will enjoy the Booze Cruzer Blog, find it interesting and informative, and will return time and time again to read my latest article. As you do, please keep in mind that I am not generating any new or extraordinary information concerning the spirits about which I write. Every time I put my finger on the keyboard I am standing on the shoulders of the industry giants and other bloggers whose knowledge I have absorbed. As you roam the wonderful wide world of the internet I suggest you take a look at some of the websites I depend upon, especially Chuck Cowdery, an extremely knowledgeable industry blogger, and Eric Burke, the Bourbon Guy, who produces detailed, insightful, and entertaining reviews of bourbons and, occasionally, other spirits. You can find links to both, as well as other sites I have found to be helpful, on the tab marked Links.

My goal is to inform and entertain as my wife and I travel the world and enjoy the incredible variety of alcoholic beverages on today’s market. So Bon Voyage, Cheers, Prost, Salute, and hope to see you on a cruise sometime.

Professional Profile

Executive Bourbon Steward, Stave and Thief Society. I attended Moonshine University in May 2018 to earn my certification as an Executive Bourbon Steward.  Executive Bourbon Stewards are bourbon advocates with the knowledge and yearning to spread and promote the good word about bourbon. Being an Executive Bourbon Steward is all about helping others enjoy and buy more bourbon. The certification process requires learning about the Stave and Thief Society’s Bourbon Body of Knowledge, some practical experience in the still house, sensory training, and an examination.

Five Star Mariner and Bronze Medallion, Holland America Line. We started cruising in 1996 with Holland America Line (HAL). We have achieved their highest loyalty level, Five Star Mariner, with eighteen cruises with 280 days at sea to various locations worldwide such as Alaska, Australia, New Zealand, the Mediterranean, and the North Sea. We also cruised once with Princess Cruises.

Maritime Honors. 

  • Golden Shellback for crossing the point where the Equator crosses the International Date Line
  • The Domain of the Golden Dragon for crossing the International Date Line
  • The Order of the Blue Nose (Domain of the Polar Bear) for crossing into the Arctic Circle
  • The Order of the Ditch for passing through the Panama Canal
  • The Order of Purple Porpoises for crossing the junction of the Equator and the International Date Line at the Sacred Hour of the Vernal Equinox
  • The Order of the Rock for transiting the Strait of Gibraltar
  • The Order of the Spanish Main for sailing in the Caribbean
  • The Order of the Blue Nose for crossing into the Arctic Circle
  • We have sailed around Cape Horn, but alas, there is no nifty title for us mere mortals who go around as passengers.

Land Travel Throughout the United States. Twenty years of active service with the Army allowed us to see and live in many parts of the US. Our assignments caused us to crisscross the US several times, usually traveling with a camping trailer. So far, we have been to, or through, every state except for a few in the northeast. Traveling around the United States is still an important part of our life. So the Booze Cruzer will be dragging our travel trailer around to every corner of the US. Don’t worry Vermont, you’re on our bucket list.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Why don’t you write reviews?

A: Many very qualified people already do that, and I see no need to compete with them. In fact, I read and make use of their reviews all the time.

Q: So what were your four careers?

A: 20 years in the Army, 2 1/2 years in a factory as a foreman and master scheduler, 10 years in IBM Global Services as a project manager, and 8 years running my own business as a proposal consultant helping companies do business with the federal government.

Q: What is your favorite cruise destination?

A: Hands down, it’s Alaska. We have cruised there six times, the most recent in Sep 2022, and plan to return again and again. We just can’t get enough of America’s largest, most wild, and most scenic state. In the summer. The winter, not so much.

Q: What is your favorite place to visit in the US?

A: The states that comprise the northern section of the Rocky Mountains. The Army allowed us to live in Montana for three years and Utah for four years. Living there was wonderful and we always enjoy traveling back to enjoy the scenery and wildlife.

Q: What is your favorite whiskey?

A: I do not have a favorite whiskey. Rather, I have a preferred flavor and aroma profile. I like robust flavors and aromas that are readily apparent. None of these “faint scents of xyz” for me. I want the smell and taste to punch me in the nose and excite my taste buds. So, I like barrel-strength whiskeys such as Jack Daniel’s Single Barrel Barrel Proof, just about anything bottled in bond, and peated scotches such as Laphroaig. The best part of not having a favorite is the willingness to try just about anything. Once, and maybe just once. Like Crown Royal Black. Never again. 🙂